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Email Security Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Secure Email Gateway (SEG)?

Secure Email Gateways provide predelivery protection by blocking email based threats before they reach a mail server, whether on-premise or on Office 365 / G-Suite. They protect businesses from spam, viruses, malware and denial of service attacks. The gateway scans all incoming, outbound and internal email communications, including attachments and URLs for signs of malicious or harmful content.

Email Gateways will also offer protection from social engineering attacks such as phishing, or business email compromise. The gateway can check the domain of incoming emails, as well as scan for suspicious content within the email, to stop harmful content from coming into the network. Emails that have been marked as malicious are quarantined or rejected. Some systems allow the quarantined emails to be accessed by admins if necessary.

What Is Integrated Cloud Email Security?

Integrated cloud email security (ICES) solutions are cloud-native email security platforms that protect cloud-based email platforms, such as Microsoft 365. They are designed to protect against sophisticated phishing threats that can bypass the conventional, static controls utilized by SEG services. ICES solutions are also much easier to deploy than traditional email security services.

ICES solutions work by seamlessly integrating into the inbox environment and scanning all inbound and internal emails for malicious content. They use machine learning to analyze email content, including header and body analysis, attachment inspection, and URL sandboxing. ICES solutions can also add warning banners to email messages and enable end users to report malicious content. This content can then be automatically quarantined or deleted according to admin policies.

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